How to Design Web Display THAT Attract Visitors

Designing a web is not as easy as turning your palm. Because in addition to those of us who judge, of course, your website visitors have a share to judge, even 90 percent of the ratings are given to your web visitors. If you feel the website design is good, not necessarily in the eyes of good visitors, and vice versa. Therefore, some considerations need to be considered in designing a web so that it can look attractive, both in the eyes of visitors and in our own eyes as designers such as LinkHelpers Web Design Phoenix.

All you have to remember is that all the choices are yours, because this is your website, and you have to decide what you like. Options such as colors, styles, fonts, images and writing styles are used, these are things that are personal and not something that can be considered easy. What you describe and do on the site reflects many things about who you are. The following are some of the basic things you need to pay attention to when designing your site.

Graphic / Image

Graphics or images are the most important part of an Internet site. With graphics/images, we …

Slits that must be avoided when doing SEO for WordPress

Most business websites or blogs usually use the WordPress CMS because this platform is very easy to apply to create a website or blog that looks professional. However, not all web masters or web owners really understand when setting up their WordPress website. An elegant appearance does not always have a maximum impact, a website must also have quality in terms of SEO (search engine optimization).

Errors in setting up a WordPress website can result in not maximizing the website in search engines, so that the web will lose potential traffic continuously. Of course this is very bad for a business.

And in this article I will give brief tips on how we can improve SEO for your WordPress so that it will increase the web position on Google, and of course this will increase website traffic.

Here is a MISTAKE that should be avoided if you build a website with the WordPress platform:

Not Using SEO Plugins

Even though the WordPress platform basically offers a good structure for LinkHelpers SEO Scottsdale, we still need to add plugins to optimize it. One of them is to install SEO Plugins on our WordPress. There are two plugins that we can …

Related Content Marketing & SEO Strategies

SEO and content marketing today are like two things that need each other. Previously, a mistake that often happened to SEO practitioners was not paying attention to content, and vice versa. This resulted in the website development process not running optimally.

The key to the success of your website and online business is the use of effective content marketing strategies and assisted search engine optimization.

Modern SEO is content marketing + SEO

Since ancient times, people who are enthusiastic about SEO always try to find out how their website can be on the first page on Google. Is that by playing with keywords, social signals, or backlinks.

But the key to LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix, for now and in the future, we can unload by looking at what all the parties in it really want.

There are 3 parties in SEO: users, websites, and Google. Users want the best information as soon as possible. In order for users to be satisfied, the best information will be placed in the top position by Google. So, to get the best position you need to provide the best information. And for content that plays the most important role.

So what to do?

By …

Why You Should Avoid Taking Viagra with Other Medicine

Whether you are struggling with the problem of erectile dysfunction or you want to enhance your performance on the bed, you opt the small blue pills that increase your sexual stamina and help you maintain relationships with your partner for long. It is one of the renowned medicines used to boost your sexual power. But if you have been ever recommended to take this medicine, you would have also prescribed to stop the intake of other medicines.

Nowadays, the evolution of online pharmacy has made it possible to easily buy Viagra. Canada Drugs Direct is one of the renowned online pharmacy stores that provide you a wide range of medicines right at your doorstep.

Coming to the point, what are the reasons that cause you to stop your current medication if you want to take Viagra?

The major reason behind this is that the medicine gets interacted with other medicines and hence causes various harmful effects on your body that you might have not expected. In many cases, there is even evolution of a new disease that needs another medication to cure.

Some of the most common medicines that you are restricted from consuming with the small blue pills …

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