Different types of DNA tests

Trends come and trends go. New things are born all around us, some flourish faster than others, and some stay longer than others. One of these trends can also be a completely permanent, and a real help. This does not happen often, but we do know one. Which one then? Is probably the question you have now. Quite right, we are going to give you the answer; that of DNA testing. These tests have flourished on various channels of social media. From YouTube to Instagram and from Twitter to Facebook; for a long time, it was everywhere. There’s a reason for that, and that’s why we’re going to tell you a bit about it. DNA tests are really a good invention and that is why we will mention several DNA tests in this blog. Who knows, one day they might be a good addition to your life, you never know.


This is one of the best known types of DNA testing; the DNA testing for paternity. So what does that mean? Well, exactly as the name suggests; testing for paternity. With this test, samples are taken from the child and from the alleged father. These samples can be taken in the form of blood, but mostly they are saliva samples. This can be a DNA test done at home, in which case it is not legally usable. If you want to have a legal test, you will have to go to a lab where they will take it from you. They will then look at the result of the alleged father and the child. They will compare them, so to speak, and based on this they will say whether there is a match or not. Is there a match? Then it is most likely that this is the father. The tests are very reliable.

Ancestry testing

This is actually the other, most familiar way of DNA testing. This is a DNA test that looks at your ancestors, your family tree. You can use this to get an indication of where you come from in the world. The results can be quite funny, because sometimes you don’t expect it and it is true. For example, it could be that you, as a white person, have ancestors in India or something similar. It is all possible and you will get an insight with this way of testing.