Easy Treatment for Relieving Colds

The rainy season makes it easy for us to catch a cold, colds and coughs. If you have a cold and cough, antibiotics are a modern choice to help us overcome this disease. If it’s in the rain and you need antibiotics, you can purchase drugs at the Online Pharmacy, so you don’t need to get rain to buy drugs, because it can become cold and colds get worse after getting rain.

Some of the ingredients below, according to health experts, are effective enough to prevent flu and treat your flu.

  1. Honey has been shown to work to help the body reduce symptoms of a runny nose, cough and relieve sore throats. Honey is also safe and harmless if consumed in excess. Drink honey with warm water can be mixed with other ingredients such as oranges and ginger.
  2. Chicken Soup Chicken soup can provide good nutrition for the body that has flu and makes the body better and accelerates recovery and provides a hydration boost to the body.
  3. Garlic is effective in treating and preventing flu. Garlic contains a compound called allicin, which has been shown to be beneficial for the immune system. Therefore, we recommend that you destroy, slice garlic to get better benefits.
  4. Eat Fruit and Vegetables that contain lots of vitamin C Vitamin C is abundant in citrus fruits if consumed with honey and warm water, it can soothe the throat, reduce symptoms of colds, colds, and coughs. Vitamin C is also found in many other fruits and vegetables such as red peppers, berries, kale, and broccoli.
  5. Salt, Gargle using warm water mixed with salt to rinse, can be combined with ginger and turmeric. The function of salt will clear the throat of the bacteria that cause flu and cough.
  6. Ginger, Choose red ginger, mash and mix with a little honey, drink with warm water. Ginger contains compounds such as gingerol, essential oil which is proven to be able to relieve coughs and cold.
  7. Peppermint contains menthol which helps relieve coughing. Take warm water mixed with peppermint and honey took twice a day.

That is a natural ingredient that you can use in care to quickly relieve your flu and runny nose, remember if your flu and runny nose does not subside, consult a doctor immediately.