Embracing Hot New Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

As women age, we tend to be less willing to take a chance on a trendy new hairstyle. Most women of a certain age seem to go for a more refined and conservative hairstyle as opposed to something hip and edgy. However, there are plenty of sassy and short hairstyles for women of 50 for a bold new look.

Click here for a good article with pictures of hairstyles for older women. You will be sure to find a look that vibes with your style and personality.

Why Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 Are So Much Fun

When you were a teenager, you probably thought that any woman over the age of 30-35 was old. Now that you are in the best years of your life, you probably want to laugh at your younger self. Age is nothing but a number. So why conform to a boring, complacent hairstyle?

Short hair does not have to be drab and dreary. With all the trendy looks for short hair that are available today. There are literally dozens of short hairstyles for women over 50 (or any age) to give you a fun new look. From pixies to short, shaggy haircuts, to bobs to asymmetrical cuts, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to style options.

As you know, long hair can be quite alluring, but it can also be a burden at times. It can be quite exhausting to have to wash, blow dry and style longer tresses. And let’s not even talk about tangles or thinning hair. A sexy new short haircut might be exactly what you need to solve your hair woes.

We live in a time when women (and men) pretty much have total freedom to wear their hair in any manner that they please. This includes length, style and even color options. Maybe you went through a phase in your teens and twenties where you experiment with hairstyles. Who says it has to stop there? With all the color techniques available today, you can change your haircolor as often as you like! And it’s so much fun to play around with bold hair color with a sassy short haircut!

More Pros of Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

  • no more tangles or knots
  • quicker drying and styling time
  • fun styling options
  • more bounce for curly tresses
  • add body to thin or fine hair
  • remove weight from long hair
  • show off your gorgeous facial features
  • accessorise with hats, head scarves, headbands, etc
  • short hair is sexy on a woman…at any age
  • perfect for hot summer days

And yes, a short hairstyle will require a bit of maintenance in that you will have to get it trimmed every so often (4 to 8 weeks depending on the cut). But once you fall in love with your new short and sexy hairdo, you will find that it’s worth a few extra trips to the hair salon! And if you don’t like it, it will always grow out!

Still, not convinced if short hair is right for you? Check out our site for some ideas for fun and edgy short hairstyles for women over 50.