TOP 5 Ketamine Clinics in San Francisco 2020

Ketamine is an interesting drug which is now used for off-label purposes. It is used to reduce pain and is applied as anesthesia. However it has been proved that it also helps to treat various mental ailments including such heavy diseases like depression and anxiety. Different clinics offer treatment with this drug. Almost all patients reported positive changes even when the strongest remedies couldn’t help. Thus people from various locations of the USA look for good options. If you look for a ketamine infusion center San Francisco this article will be helpful for you.

It’s vital to choose a credible ketamine infusion center San Francisco. Therefore we suggest 5 great options for your consideration. These are:

  1.  Bay Area Ketamine Center.
  2.  New Pathways Ketamine Center.
  3.  Palo Alto.
  4.  Polaris Insight Center.
  5.  Psychiatry Department – Kaiser Permanente SF Medical Center.

As your search angle is narrowed to these 5 options it’ll be easier to define the best ketamine depression San Francisco center.

How to Make the Right Choice of a Ketamine Infusion Center San Francisco?

Even when you should choose out of 5 possibilities the choice may be hard. If you want to define the best ketamine clinic San Francisco follow the next steps:

  •  Take smart notes. Go to the official websites of the suggested clinics. Each ketamine infusion center San Francisco has certain benefits guarantees and peculiarities. Therefore you’d better take some notes to check them later.
  •  Make a comparison. Use your notes wisely and compare the services offered by each clinic. Pay attention to their guarantees pricing methods of treatment etc. Perhaps some slight differences may play a decisive role in choosing ketamine treatment San Francisco clinics.
  •  Visit all clinics. It is also vital to visit every clinic if you have such a possibility. Thus you can have a real experience to draw precise conclusions. You’ll see how the personnel treats clients define the qualification of doctors find out the conveniences and the quality of equipment etc.

Is It Safe to Undergo Treatment with Ketamine?

Some people wonder whether it’s safe to treat depression or suchlike conditions with ketamine. The answer is positive. Ketamine for depression San Francisco shows quick results in treatment and is quite safe.

There are rare reports on some health issues associated with ketamine. In most cases they never appear. If some of them take place their severity is mild and not lasting. All the symptoms withdraw as soon as your body gets used to the effects of treatment. Among the possible adverse effects are:

  •  Irregular heart rate;
  •  Enhanced blood pressure;
  •  Euphoria;
  •  Lightness etc.

These conditions would hardly cause any severe damage to your health. However you should consult your doctor to be sure they are under control. All the procedures are carried out in a clinic under the supervision of an expert. Therefore you have nothing to worry about. A professional expert will take care of your health and the safety of treatment with Ketamine.