How to Design Web Display THAT Attract Visitors

Designing a web is not as easy as turning your palm. Because in addition to those of us who judge of course your website visitors have a share to judge even 90 percent of the ratings are given to your web visitors. If you feel the website design is good not necessarily in the eyes of good visitors and vice versa. Therefore some considerations need to be considered in designing a web so that it can look attractive both in the eyes of visitors and in our own eyes as designers such as LinkHelpers Web Design Phoenix.

All you have to remember is that all the choices are yours because this is your website and you have to decide what you like. Options such as colors styles fonts images and writing styles are used these are things that are personal and not something that can be considered easy. What you describe and do on the site reflects many things about who you are. The following are some of the basic things you need to pay attention to when designing your site.

Graphic / Image

Graphics or images are the most important part of an Internet site. With graphics/images we can provide elements of color impression and theme. These elements are very much needed provided they are not too excessive. Too many images not only make uploading your site slow but also childish.


How do you want your site to look? Do you want all the text to be on the right and the graphics on the left or vice versa? Do you want to place ads on the top of the page or will all ads be placed on the side? Designing a layout that looks the same for all pages of your site will make it easier for visitors to understand the contents of your site rather than making different layouts for each page. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make different page layouts for each page but at least each page should have a similar layout.


Make your website easily searchable using familiar and logical names like contact about FAQ and others. If not it will make the user switch.

When making your website navigation strategy think about how you call command or action. What do you hope for the customer when visiting your website? Order/message? E-mail? Become a member? Or other? Determine your goals as clearly as possible.

Think of things for potential customers provide action items to make it easier for customers to do what you want them to do. Birchbox is very good at this they encourage users to “learn more” and direct them to get a Birchbox gift. This is usually for the initial visitors of the website.

Easy navigation is an important thing in a good site. If visitors don’t get anything from your site will they still visit the site?


Too many ads are a bad thing for visitors. Try to place it as best as possible in a place that is not too annoying to visitors without disturbing the priority of content or existing content.

Maintenance Process.

After creating a site you must maintain it. If you connect it to another site you should check it regularly to make sure it still exists because sometimes the site is missing.

Something ‘Flashing’.

Something that blinks whether it’s images or writing can be a thing that annoys visitors.


Not only pop-up ads but also pop up boxes. You know when you open a site and then your name is asked maybe that is understandable. But if then 5 (five) lines of different questions appear or have to answer a question on each page of the site visitors will immediately close and leave the site because they feel disturbed.


We all know that reading a black and white page will be very boring. That’s why we have to add color to the site that we make. By giving the right color it will add to the site’s perfection so the pages will be easy to read. You must be sure that the color you provide will match the color of the text. If you use colors that are too ‘brave’ or unsightly color combinations visitors will be lazy to read the page and look for other sites that are more interesting.