Related Content Marketing & SEO Strategies

SEO and content marketing today are like two things that need each other. Previously a mistake that often happened to SEO practitioners was not paying attention to content and vice versa. This resulted in the website development process not running optimally.

The key to the success of your website and online business is the use of effective content marketing strategies and assisted search engine optimization.

Modern SEO is content marketing + SEO

Since ancient times people who are enthusiastic about SEO always try to find out how their website can be on the first page on Google. Is that by playing with keywords social signals or backlinks.

But the key to LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix for now and in the future we can unload by looking at what all the parties in it really want.

There are 3 parties in SEO: users websites and Google. Users want the best information as soon as possible. In order for users to be satisfied the best information will be placed in the top position by Google. So to get the best position you need to provide the best information. And for content that plays the most important role.

So what to do?

By realizing the important role of content in SEO then surely you will focus on creating content and publishing content.

Not all content is good for SEO. If made carelessly it won’t produce anything. Humans don’t want to read a lot of content that doesn’t make sense so does Google.

Therefore consider the following rules:

  • Always prioritize quality content

No one wants to read content that is of low quality Google won’t want to put content that is of low quality in the top position.

  • Google ranks pages not websites

They don’t care if your website has 1000 pages or only 1 which gets the best position only the best content.

  • The quantity of content is not very important

Quantity is almost always inversely proportional to quality. Unless you have many professional writers. The more often you publish content the more difficult it is to maintain quality.

  • Quality content is not enough

Although content plays the biggest role but Google is a robot. Google can determine whether articles are relevant to what they want but they cannot directly read articles to determine their quality.

  • Use of keywords

Content marketers often forget keywords. Though keywords play an important role in SEO. The use of keywords in articles can turn a content into a blunt sword a sharp sword or a double-edged sword.