Moth Prevention And Treatment For Persian Rugs

Moths and their larvae coupled with dampness is the biggest enemy of wool rugs and carpets. Contrary to common belief the moth itself does not feed from wool fabrics however female moths do lay their eggs which hatch into harmful larvae that can cannibalize your rug. This larvae feeds off the wool over an extended period before turning into a cocoon and subsequently into an adult moth.

As with most things the best treatment is prevention rather than a cure. Rugs and carpets left in dark or damp places are most at risk moths seek out dark undisturbed areas to lay their eggs meaning rugs in storage or areas under furniture are prime nesting spots. It is advised to vacuum your rug regularly and ensure to vacuum the reverse and area under your rug from time to time.

Rugs hung on walls should be handled regularly the human scent can help deter moths using the rug as a nesting site. If you spot larvae or cocoons then it means there is a moth problem. If caught early this is not a huge deal but the problem can quite easily spread and become a major infestation; moth infestations can spread from carpet to rug to clothes and quickly spread around the home.

Rugs with moth infestations should be thoroughly checked: vacuum front and back and spray with wool safe specialist moth spray. As with any chemical even those which are natural always pre-test on a small inconspicuous area. Moth balls are not recommended as they are unlikely to work and can be harmful to humans pets the environment and the rug. The best option and safest for the rug if carried our correctly is to have the rug professionally frozen.

This involves packaging preferably in as close to a vacuum seal as possible and freezing it for a number of weeks in order to kill any infestation the rug is then defrosted over the course of a few days before being unpacked. This option not only kills any moths larvae and eggs in the rug but avoids chemicals coming in to contact with often fragile fabrics.

Of course once you remove the infestation from the rug there may still be a problem with airborne adult moths in the vicinity. Moth traps using pheromones can be useful to attract the male cloths moths giving off the scent of a female moth in order to lure the male moth into the trap. In the worst case scenario rugs can be destroyed by the moth larvae if caught early the damage will not be noticeable however the likelihood is that the damage will be somewhere in between. Damage can be repaired but can be costly so it is always best to be vigilant and check for signs of moths from time to time.

Finding the Right Custom Size Area Rugs

Finding custom size area rugs can be a very difficult thing to do as it’s hard to find a distributor who really offers you what it is that you want to get. Even if you do find one there’s no guarantee that they’ll have the fabric or the knowledge to give you exactly what it is that you wanted out of a rug. After all there are a lot of things to look for in a rug and a lot of different styles that are created out of a lot of different fabrics and from a lot of different places.

One of the more famous and well known types of fabric that rugs are made with is the Persian wool that you get from Persia. Another type of fabric that is well known and is used in all of the better custom size area rugs is New Zealand wool. There are many different types of rugs including wholesale handmade an oriental rug as well as a braided rug. In addition to this there are many different types of fabric besides the two that were already mentioned. These can include wool and cotton.

When it comes to cleaning custom size area rugs finding the right place to get it cleaned can be difficult. You need to know exactly what is in your rug so that you don’t accidentally ask them to clean it with the wrong solutions. However it is possible to clean a rug at home though you still need to know what’s in your rug as well as exactly what to do to make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned. The best policy with rugs like these are simply to avoid messes and to put it in a room that generally will only have guests.

Getting custom size area rugs is simply a matter of requesting the size and the fabric and making sure that the distributor really knows what they’re doing. You don’t want your requested 6×9 area rugs to become 6×8.5 area rugs simply because the distributor was not fully qualified to handle the cutting of that type of fabric. Requesting a custom size should be made upon choosing the rug that you want.