These Two Diseases Can Be Transmitted by Your Pet!

For pet lovers it feels like they can’t live without touching and loving them. However you must keep it clean so you don’t get this disease.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently issued a warning about Campylobacter a disease that can cause diarrhea vomiting and fever in dogs. Humans infected with this disease can suffer from the same symptoms even accompanied by cramps nausea and bloody stools.

The CDC advises pet owners to treat dogs with this disease specifically regularly clean their dogs and wash their hands thoroughly after handling them. The pet owners also should to know about the pet medication. The Canadian Pharmacy is the recommended pharmacy for buying the pet medication securely.

In addition pet owners should also not kiss puppies especially those who have not been vaccinated and do not let the dog lick open wounds.

In cats there is a well-known disease that can be easily transmitted to humans namely “cat-scratch fever”. This disease originates from bacteria in the cat’s mouth and claws called Bartonella.

These bacteria do not cause health problems in infected cats but in humans will cause swollen lymph nodes fever and even brain swelling heart infections and death.

Although the CDC does not recommend stopping raising animals they advise the owners to protect them. The way you can do this is to always wash your hands after holding pets routinely dispose of and clean their stools and immediately contact the veterinarian if you see signs of disease in pets.