Work better from home with office supplies

If you’d like to make your home office more effective or you’re just starting your career with working from home – you should get some office supplies that might be helpful. What would that be?

Writing supplies

Every kind of office work requires writing down some information at some point. Even if it’s rare it’s still good to have a pen and notebook hidden somewhere. If you’re using the handwriting a lot you might also want to buy corrector highlighters colored pens a pencil as well as accessories that will help you organize your data: binders folders index cards staplers and more.

All that can be bought online at or at Staples stationery shop. Whichever you choose if you’d like to buy some less common office equipment contact with the shop’s staff in order to find out whether it’s accessible.

Printer and label printer – yes or no?

Printers belong to the slightly more expensive equipment in the office so it’s no wonder you’re uncertain whether to buy it or not. While this device may seem superfluous to you it’s really not. Every office uses it at least from time to time and it’s usually pretty durable which means it should stay with you for at least a couple of years.

There are different types and models of this device so if you think it’s not that important for your home office just pick a simpler and cheaper one. This way you will not have any second thoughts or regrets.

Label printers are usually small devices which allow you to print something on self-adhesive paper. What is more those stickers can serve many purposes – not necessarily sending a package. You can also use the device in order to prepare markings on boxes with equipment or folders with documentation. That will make your working space more organized and easily accessible.

Good working space

Make sure that your working space is comfortable and ergonomic. Get a desk which is tailored to your posture. Also try to pick the most comfortable chair that will keep your back well supported. If you have a bare floor under your feet make sure the wheels are made of soft materials that will not damage the surface.

Plan your desk in a way that will allow you to stay comfortable. Do not put too many things between you and the computer as it will start to annoy you really fast. Get a trash can to avoid distracting yourself by walking to another room in order to throw away some stuff. Try to think of every little thing you might need and store it nearby – for example in a cartboard box.